Unique lingerie for stockings by Cleopatra Lingerie.

Cleopatra Lingerie aims to make the best modern lingerie available for stockings. The knowledge of special lingerie for fully fashioned nylons and other stockings vanished over the passed years.

Vintage suspender- or garter belts are not made of modern materials, so their patterns are not suitable for todays demands regarding the comfort and smoothness of the materials.

That is why Cleopatra Lingerie designed the currant lingerie line making new patterns for the best lingerie fabrics available. It should give you comfort and security while wearing your stockings.

Lingerie and stockings tutorial

Q: Why do the lace and satin front panels have a non-stretch-lining?
A: It should be there because otherwise the height of the garter- or suspender belt will be shorted by stretching the belt.

Q: Why does Cleopatra Lingerie uses metal clips?
A: Metal clips are essential when you are wearing stockings. No woman likes the idea of loose slipping stockings. Metal clips can avoid that. Plastic clips cannot.

Q: Why do the garter- or suspender belts have 4 rows of 3 eye closures in the back?
A: Good sizing is important with suspender belts. The extra 2 rows (compared to simple belts) will ensure a proper fitting, even if you have a temporally “extra” in your waist.

Q: Why 6 or 8 garters or suspenders and not the more common 4?
A: 100% nylon RH&T stockings as well as Fully Fashioned Nylons do not have any stretch (in the material and some in the fabric). The 6 or 8 straps provide you with more comfort wearing these stockings.

Q: Why did Cleopatra Lingerie designed a new panty girdle?
A: The panty girdle is the best way to wear stockings. It ensures a perfect fit all the time. The hook and eye closure in the crotch guarantees comfort during the whole day.

Q: What can I expect from Cleopatra Lingerie in the future?
A: Cleopatra Lingerie will continue developing new styles in the same way as the we are producing now.